1997 `P` BMW E36 M3 Evolution Convertible Manual 104,000 Miles

1997 `P` BMW E36 M3 Evolution Convertible Manual 104,000 Miles

Colour: Dakar Yellow

    A beautiful , Original and pampered example that has been brought out on sunny days to enjoy.

    Finished in the most desirable colour combination, This M3 Evolution has been pampered and loved.


    Not for shy, retiring types, If you are going to buy an M3 Convertible then you may as well get the best & brightest colour and boy does this car suit its stunning Dakar yellow with black Full leather interior colour combination.

    The Dakar Yellow paintwork glistens in the sun like a field full of sunflowers, It is as immaculate as it appears on the photos and is not faded at all, there are no areas of concern and she has clearly led an easy life. A bit like the well kept lady of a very rich husband, she has been treated well, Has had anything in life she has ever wanted and been been treated with respect and love.

    If you are lucky enough to take this lady out for the evening she will make your friends jealous and rewards you in ways you just do not get with a normal mundane car.

    She will put more mundane ladys to shame.

    She is a thing of beauty....and she oozes class and sophistication.


    You sit inside her and she cossets you with her beautiful High quality & sumptious soft Nappa Leather finished in Black to compliment the Dakar Yellow Paintwork.

    Does she have Wood? Yes she does, she`s been treat to the finest quality Bur Walnut to make her feel as luxurious as possible.

    Rejoice, there is an onboard computer fitted to this car.

    It does cascade a miriad of information but we think your eyes are better served on the road as this is one car wereby you can cover some ground in not too short a time.

    The support bolsters on the seats are in fantastic order and remain firm on the upper and lower sections.

    Overall an an interior of absolute comfort and luxury, but ready to hold you in place when the roads are ready to play.


    Everyone buys an M3 because they have the best engines in the world, The 6 Cylinder 3201cc unit fitted to this car pumps out a solid and eye opening 321 BHP. With Torque that could uproot a 200 year old tree this car will put a huge smile on your face.

    Then you listen to the howl of the vanos system which works perfectly in this car and to listen to a 6 Cylinder BMW M3 engine at full chat is like listening to the best symphony through expensive headphones.

    Because this car has been a pampered and loved example the oil is as clear as freshly squeezed apple juice and she ticks over and runs beautifully.

    Her clutch and plate were changed only 8000 miles ago so her gearbox selects the ratios with no drama no fuss.


    Tight as a drum, this lady flows along a country road as if there isn`t a road beneath her wheels.

    She is ready to hitch up her skirt , throw off her high heels and blast you down that country road with all the poise and sophistication of a REAL performance machine.

    She reacts beautifully to what you tell her and does everything you ask of her.

    She is your reliable and unflappable personal driving assistant

    She is not bangy or crashy she is from an age were cars were more about driving and less about EU rules that dictate what size glass the door mirrors have to be etc.



    This has 4 Excellent Tyres on standard and in excellent condition M3 17" Alloys 7.5" wide fronts and 8.5" rears.

    Front drivers = 5mm

    Front passenger = 5mm

    Rear Drivers = 4mm

    Rear Passenger = 4mm

    The ABS brakes are working perfectly they do not grab or flutter.

    These are powerful and precise and will never disappoint when you need to summon up all of her stopping power.

    She brakes true and in a straight line and will help your confidence when pressing on.





    She has Climate control, Electric windows all round and an electric roof, Does she really need any extras, not really but even so she does have a few little extra touches such as the Bur Walnut trim, A Sony face Off CD player and a fitted Tracker, This is a lady you trust not to run off with someone who takes her fancy.


    Just one thing we have to repeat time and time again.....


    Did we just say OH THE NOISE....

    What a wonderful thing to drive, This car is not a wolf in sheeps clothing, Nor is it a sheep in wolfs clothing, it is neither of these yet it is all of them, in fact this wondeful car has the heart of a lion and yet the deftness of a mouse. She can be anything you want her to be.

    She plays at being a sports car, a luxury cruiser, a wind in the hair convertible, a practical shopping car. Anything you choose.

    She is comfortable and luxurious, she is Sumptious and High Quality, She is relaxing and steady, but open her up.......

    She is now tenacious, a Rip snorting attack on the senses and a bucking & riving drivers car that will teach you the art of driving a Machine.

    She is more than just the some of her parts, She is highly desirable and sought after.

    She is ICONIC......


    Every girl has a history, a story to tell ,some better than others, This is an unsullied lady with plenty of sophistication, to be part of her future your going to have to treat her with respect.

    She has been pampered from new and because she is very rare, she is worth looking after.

    A total of 12114 M3 Evolution convertibles were produced between February 1996 and December 1999.

    manuals accounted for just 2107 slots of the production line and of these only 267 were produced in Dakar Yellow.

    So she is a rare old bird, but dont call her old to her face.

    She feels young because she has been serviced at ;












    She has a portfolio of service records, reciepts and old mot`s and is HPI clear having never been stolen written off or accident damaged.


    At £250 per year it is not a lot to pay when you consider how much fun you will be having and insurance can be had for less than £150 per year

  • MOT

    A fresh MOT will be added to the car before sale for complete peace of mind.


    The E36 M3 debuted in February 1992 and was in the dealer's showrooms in November that year. It was the first M3 powered by a straight-six engine; the engine used was a 2,990 cc (182 cu in) S50, which produced 210 kW (282 hp).

    Initially available as a coupé only, BMW introduced M3 convertible and saloon versions in 1994, the absence of any M5 models in the BMW line-up between the end of E34 M5 production in 1995 and the launch of the E39 M5 in 1998 prompted the introduction of the 4-door Motorsport model.

    Also in 1994, BMW produced the limited-edition M3 GT as a racing homologation special; all GTs were British Racing Green and featured an upgraded 295 PS (217 kW; 291 hp) 3.0-litre engine. 356 GTs were built.[13]

    In September and November 1995, the M3 coupe and saloon, respectively, were upgraded to the 239.4 kilowatts (321.0 hp) 3.2-litre S50B32 engine. At the same time, the cars received clear indicator lenses, new wheels and a 6-speed gearbox. The convertible did not receive these changes until February 1996.[16]

    The majority of E36 M3s were produced at the Regensburg factory; however, a small number of low compression right hand drive M3s were assembled at BMW's Rosslyn plant in Pretoria, South Africa.[17] In total, 46,525 coupés, 12,114 convertibles and 12,603 saloons were produced. The saloon ceased production in December 1997, the coupé ceased production in late 1998, and the convertible ceased production in December 1999.[13]

    The E36 chassis M3 was touted as one of the best handling cars of the 1990s in independent tests by Car & Driver. Known for its benign handling and balance, the car is popular amongst circuit racers and track enthusiasts. The E36 was also one of the first cars BMW designed mainly with computer aid with the use of detailed Finite Element Analysis and other software.

    North American models[edit]

    The first E36 M3 to be imported to the United States was the 1995 model, which used the S50B30US engine with 240 bhp (179 kW; 243 PS) and 305 Nm (225 lbft), a different suspension setup and a 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time in about six seconds. It was available with five-speed manual and automatic transmissions. An M3 Lightweight was produced in limited numbers for the 1995 model year.

    The 1996–1999 model years had displacement bumped up to 3.2 litres, still with 240 bhp (179 kW; 243 PS), but torque increases to 320 Nm (240 lbft) which is the same S52B32USengine used in the early M Roadster and M Coupe. The manual gearbox remains a 5-speed despite the European versions being upgraded to 6-speed. It was also available as a saloon starting in model year 1997, and as convertible in 1998. Production of the saloon was halted in 1998, while the other models continued until 1999.

    US sales figures include a total of 18,961 coupés, 7,760 saloons and 6,211 convertibles.[18]

    Other notable differences between North American and their European counterparts were as follows: Floating rotors were standard on the Canadian and European cars, but absent from the American variations. The Differential was shared between USA and Euro 3000cc cars, the euro 3200cc only had a larger unit. Rear axles and clutch on the North American cars were identical to the euro.

    All late model M3s received subframe re-inforcements and more aggressive front end suspension geometry due to the differences in caster and camber yielded by top hat design and lower control arm bushings. Additionally, front spring rate was increased in addition to spindle and control arm geometry changes.