1990 `G` Nissan 200 SX Turbo Auto S13 Genuine 38,000 Miles "Suzy X"

1990 `G` Nissan 200 SX Turbo Auto S13 Genuine 38,000 Miles "Suzy X"


    Probably the best 200 SX for sale in the country, This pristine UK example has fully documented Service history and Original Bill of sale and letter from the Mature owner who bought her new. He Christened her "Suzy X " and that is the name we now call her.


    Finished in Nissan KG5 Yellowish white, Suzy`s Bodywork is a credit to her Former Keeper, Having been kept all her life in a Heated Garage, She has not suffered from the ravages of time and she still looks as fresh as she did when she rolled out the factory. All of her wheel arches are un blemished and free from corrosion as are her sills as she is never used in bad weather.

    If you were to hitch up her skirts you will see no rusty water traps either. She has led a charmed life and she has been polished and cleaned so that she has kept her good looks.

    It has been Clear waxed underneath to protect her and also so you can see she has never had welding.

    We feel that Japanese sports coupe`s of this era have got better looking as time has marched on, Such an iconic shape especially with the pop up headlights, she turns heads wherever she goes. 

    Is there a less fussy, sleek shape in current manufacturers line ups....we dont think so. She is a stunner.


    Exactly as it should be, It is like sitting in a typical Well made Japanese Interior from the 1990`s in such that everything just works, everything is simple and everything has been built to last for many years. 

    It has Air-conditioning which was an option on these cars & Electric windows.

    When you prod a switch it is like pressing flicking a toggleswitch on an old fashioned light switch, it is satisfying and mechanical in its operation.

    The seats are comfortable and supportive and are trimmed in Nissan Velour with only a little bit of wear on the drivers bolster due to age.

    Overall it still smells like a Nissan and has been free from any pets or smokers.


    Smooth as silk and with plenty of torque, Suzy`s 169 BHP 4 cylinder Turbo pulls like a train and performs better than you would ever expect.

    Having been Serviced correctly and having had 2 Cambelts in the last 10 Years she runs as smooth as silk and is quiet and refined with the smooth Automatic gearbox.

    Suzy is completely standard and has never been altered or modified, this is just as Nissan Intended.


    Completely standard also, She is taught and well balanced and again behaves just as Nissan intended. In excellent condition these springs and dampers perform brilliantly and with none of the artificial feeling you get with a modern car. She rides bumps with full control and no knocking or crashing into bumps and you will be impressed with how agile she feels on turn in into corners as she is not a heavy car and you can tell straight away she is there to enjoy on a country road.


    This has 4 Excellent OEM Spec Michelin Tyres on standard and in perfect condition 16" Teardrop Standard alloy wheels in Excellent condition.

    Front drivers = 6mm

    Front passenger = 6mm

    Rear Drivers = 6mm

    Rear Passenger = 6mm

    The front Calipers coupled with ABS are working perfectly they do not grab or flutter as she has been kept away from moisture or dampness.

    These are so powerful and precise and help retard you down from any speed.





    She comes with electric windows, Aircon, ABS brakes, Sports Seats, It has the standard Factory radio Cassette, (CD Fiited at Moment) A New Laserline Thatcham Category 1 Alarm System with remote central Locking for insurance purposes. There is also a 6 CD Autochanger in the boot.


    In the 1990`s the best drivers cars came out of Japan, They gave you the Mazda MX5, 200 SX, Mazda RX7, Nissan 300 ZX, Toyota MR2, Celica & Supra etc etc. The 200 SX was arguably the most playful of the lot.

    Tyres and diffs inevitably leads to that conversation topic; drifting. Oversteer. Powerslides. One rather strait-laced review described the 200SX's handling thus: with all that power going straight to the back wheels there is plenty of potential to get the rear end sliding. Because of this, the 200SX is the sort of car that keen drivers will appreciate, whilst the inexperienced may find it intimidating in slippery conditions. Sounds rather fun, doesn't it?

    It is fun, and it is easy to manage, she glides into corners like a whippet chasing a hare, You can choose to be neat and tidy or to be a hooligan and have fun , she gives you the choice.

    Most 200 SX`s came with a manual gearbox, but all of these have been modified in some way or converted into a drift car. This one is unsullied and drives so well. She is quicker than you can imagine and more fun too. 


    With a fully Stamped service Book and a folder full of Receipts including the original bill of sale for £21,000

    A cambelt and Aux Belts just been replaced at 36,000 to give peace of mind  and another full service including all filters etc.

    Original owner bought Suzy new from Stanstead Nissan and kept her for nice days and for fun and over 10 years did only 2000 miles due to ill health. 

    She was not getting used and bought by the next private collector who has kept her for another 2 years. He is now moving abroad so came up for sale and that is how we can now offer you the chance to own this very rare and desirable peice of machinery.


    At £255 per year it is not a lot to pay when you consider how much performance is on offer and she is an apprieciating asset.

  • MOT

    A fresh MOT will be completed on sale of vehicle.

  • ABOUT THE S13 200 SX

    The S13 Silvia, introduced in mid-1989 the 1990 model year, was immensely popular in Japan. At its introduction in 1989, it won the Car of the Year Japan Award. The Silvia was no longer exported, however; rebadged 180SX were instead sold in most markets. European versions of this car were still known as 200SX. In North America, the S13 (180SX front, all three different bodystyles) was known as the 240SX. In North America, the Nissan 200SX nameplate was on hiatus but would return on a 2 door coupe version of the B14 Nissan Sunny/Sentra (1995–99). The S13 was based on the first generation Nissan Cefiro, the A31. Following industry trends, the S13 Silvia switched to relampable fixed headlights. Projector optics were offered as an option.

    In Japan, Nissan renamed the Gazelle as the Nissan 180SX, which was exported primarily under the name Nissan 240SX. The 180SX served as the junior companion to the Fairlady ZX at Nissan Bluebird Store Japanese dealerships. As before, the Silvia was exclusive to Japanese dealerships called Nissan Prince Store next to the Skyline.

    The S13 Silvia coupe was made from 1988 to 1994, overlapping with the S14 Silvia introduced in 1993. The Nissan Silvia used fixed headlights; whereas, the 180SX, simply a hatchback version of the Silvia, introduced at the same time used pop-up headlights. The hatchback version, called the 180SX, replaced the Gazelle name in Japan, and remained in production until 1998. A Silvia convertible was briefly offered soon after the start of production, but it was never popular, perhaps due to high cost (3.25 million Yen in 1988), heavier curb weight, and chassis flex.

    The S13 was one of the first uses of Nissan's multi-link rear suspension, the technology of which was previewed in concept cars in previous years, such as the Nissan MID4. It also offered a four-wheel steering system for the first time, known as HICAS-II. In 1990, HICAS-II was updated and renamed SuperHICAS. The S13 also saw the introduction of a viscous-type limited slip differential for some models.

    S13 Silvias were initially powered by the CA18DE and CA18DET engines carried over from the end of S12 production, with an intercooler added to the CA18DET for a slight increase in stability and power. In mid-1990, (for the 1991 model year) the SR20DE and SR20DET engines debuted, offering improvements across the board in power and torque due to increased displacement and a more efficient turbocharger than was offered on the previous cars. One of the other simple changes that was made between the CA generation and the SR generation was the switch to a single colour paint job, instead of the two-tone colour sets that were previously offered. On top of this, the SR motor later debuted another variant of the platform known simply as the "black top". Identifiable by its black and silver rocker-cover (as opposed to the traditional red/silver cover), it featured a number of minor changes, resulting in little performance gain. It is vastly different from the more powerful "notch top" used in the S14 and S15 variants.