MILEAGE     :                   33,000

COLOUR      :                   TARTAN RED

ENGINE       :                   1275 4 CYLINDER 82 BHP



A fantastic little car and with the Mini celebrating it`s 60th Birthday in 2019 one that can only go up in price. This Mini looks and performs like a Cooper S and has zero rust, but all the period charm. Every single aspect of this Mini is in top almost new condition and it is as shiny on the bottom as it is on the top!


Did we ever forget how small the original Mini actually is? This tiny little terrior is now a car which is rarely seen on the roads today. This Mini has been treated to a full rebuild using a documented 1987 Mini Mayfair Shell owned by the guy who rebuilt this car from top to bottom. With all the MK1 Mini period features put back in, this car has plenty of nostalgic character and looks to bring back those swinging 60`s into the mind.

The paintwork stands out like tomato sauce on your fresh white bed sheets, it glistens and pops in the sun. Most classic Mini`s are like a little Gremlin, do not take them anywhere near or spill water on them or they will sprout lumps and bumps of rust in the middle of the night, but unfortunately there will not be another brand new Mini in your garage in the morning. 

This one, since the rebuild has been kept away from water so it still has all its seams and welds free from the brown furry stuff.

It has sprouted however, the works arches finished in black and the chrome finishing strip to finish it off and coupled with the period 10" Minilights, this Mini looks like the little Monte Carlo replica it appears to be!

The centre exit Janspeed exhaust is positioned perfectly under the rounded posterior and is iconic in its appearance since the Mini was surely the first car to be available with a centre exhaust.

It has stainless steel bumpers with over riders, period Lucas spot lamp covers, leather bonnet strap, rear spot light and yellow door squares.

Overall the exterior is as good as you could ever expect a classic Mini to be.


With bluetooth, full leather trim, sat-nav, reverse parking, ESP, ABS, erm........Hang on , we certainly have the wrong car here! If its equipment your after then sorry soldier, you are in the wrong bar, We only sell basics here......So here, we have a car that is free of any rules and regulations and from back in the day when crash safety was about how slow you were going vs how immovable the object you hit was.

How else do you explain the full METAL dashboard, or even the METAL steering wheel. No.. this was simply designed as transport for the masses and how to fit 4 adults in relative comfort into the smallest shape possible.

Of course this was done with amazing design and clever thinking by the guys at BL and yet now, you look at a Mini`s interior and it fills you with fuzzy warm feelings of nostalgia and its a sense of occasion when you grasp the thin rimmed metal wheel that is bigger than a leyland bus steering wheel but is so much better for it!

This car actually came with a sporty 3 spoke Austin Cooper S steering wheel about 3 inches in diamater or so it felt, but try one with the original metal wheel and I can assure you it feels so much better and has so much more feel.

It has period Vinyl bucket seats, red carpets, red belts, billet aluminium handles and levers for the door openings and the iconic centre dash display. A mini is NOT a Mini if it has those pesky 3 clock dashes that reside in front of the steering wheel.

The interior is as new and is a beautiful place to sit ....and wonder why all cars have to be so large these days!


The humble Mini was designed as a cheap means of transport, was is accidental that it was so good to drive? Who knows, but all we can say is you have never completed your motoring journey unless you have driven a Mini. This Mini drives like you would expect taking into account its exterior.

You start her up.......No you don`t....It`s not like starting a modern car when it will fire up in an instant.

Oh no.. You coax a Mini into life. Starting a Mini is like waking up a teenage son in the morning, You know they will eventually get up but it does take a few attempts to get there.

This is all part of the character that you get when involved with classic cars.

This Mini has a Twin SU carb setup and a Janspeed centre exit exhaust so it rasps and resonates like the little pretend rally car it wants to be.

So you get going and have a little smile on your face as you revel in the nippy performance and snicketty gearbox that changes gear with a satisfaction that is hard to explain and then you arrive at your first corner in a Mini..............

WOW....OOOER.....MY GOD... This little pipsqueak turns in like a lurcher chasing a rabbit, there is no slop in the steering, you simply turn the wheel and the whole car responds instantly. There is almost a complete lack of body roll and the car becomes an extension of your thoughts. If you`d like to take that 90 right at 30 mph sir I`m willing to oblige, this little car almost defies physics!


With 10" Cooper S discs and pads, Braided hoses and brand new sticky Yokohama A008 tyres wrapped up in period 10" Minilites this is the ideal wheel/tyre combination for this car.

The centre caps are missing on purpose, the rally Minis never had them fitted!