1994 `M` BMW 318i SE 4DR


MILEAGE     :                   84,000

COLOUR      :                   MOREA GREEN METALLIC

ENGINE       :                   1800 4 CYLINDER 113 BHP



A beautiful and very original example that drives as good as it looks and has zero rust. Lovely colour combination. last owner since 1998. Drives with the fluid nature a well developed car will show you over undulating English B roads.


The sleek lines of the E36 BMW 3 Series suprised everyone at launch, After the boxy E30 this was as upto the minute as it came. The last time you will have seen an E36 it was probably in M3 Format, the Normal, what used to be "everyday" E36 has more or less vanished from our roads only to be replaced by more fussy later models. This 318i Is rust free and fighting fit. Finished in Morea Green Metallic , All the arches are solid and scab free, the panels are straight and original and the paintwork has a nice lustre and she polishes up very well indeed. She has the original from new Supplying dealer number plates and rear sticker in window and her bumpers havent succumbed to the usual "lets colour code everything" fad that came in the early noughties. Overall she is very presentable and would hold her head up high at any modern classic car show.


Uncomplicated, unfussy, just a pleasent place to sit and revel in the rear wheel drive handling of this wonderful car. This is nice and airy and not the usual drab and monochrome germanic interior. this has style and is back when BMW used to wrap there dashboards around the driver and a big welcome back to those wonderful and unmistakable clear BMW instruments. Have they ever been bettered by a modern BMW? the answer is a complete "NO" they are a beautifully re-assuring sight. All of the dials and swiches work with well oiled germanic presicion and there is plenty of visibilty afforded by the slim windscreen pillars. this is a car you can place acurately on the road helped by the way you can see out and see the road ahead. Comfortable velour seats in 1990`s shades of grey keep you in place and ready for the road ahead.


I remember reading the reviews about the E36 when it was new. The magnitude of the step from the E30 left the testers breathless. The sheer ability and competence of the new 3-Series carried all before it. But it also had character and emotion.

This was the car that really built the reputation of the 3-Series. It never had such a big lead again.

The seat is slim but perfectly supportive. It all sets the tone for a car that treads down the road lightly but with terrific precision.

This car is light on its feet and scalpel sharp, it brings out the best in its rear wheel drive chassis. You will love the quick steering and pointy nature of the car. This is a classic car that you will want to drive just for the fun of it!


This has 4 Excellent Tyres on standard and in excellent condition BMW 15" Multispoke Alloys

Front drivers = 6mm

Front passenger = 6mm

Rear Drivers = 6mm

Rear Passenger = 6mm

Brakes are discs all around, with standard antilock,They are in very good working order with no grabbing or pulling when braking.


With front electric windows, ABS brakes, 15" alloys, Electric Mirrors and central locking this BMW has all the basics but no frills


Owned from new by 2 private owners the last of which had the car since 1998 so a mere 3 years old. In that time it has been treated to comprehensive servicing all stamped in the book , the majority of it BMW main dealer. then it was retired from daily duties in 2006 due to ill health and kept in a dry garage where it was only used sparingly until the present day whereby she has been brought back out into the open ready to be enjoyed by a new owner.