MILEAGE     :                   110,000


ENGINE       :                   1500 FLAT 4 CYLINDER 53 BHP



A beautiful example that tricks you into thinking he has not aged very well. "Herbert" as he is affectionately called, is like new mechanically and underneath. Think of him as an old cyclist, Underneath the wrinkles and Patina, there is a healthy body and the internal organs are working perfectly and without issue. 


A bit like going out on a date with a 60 year old woman and finding out she has the body of a 20 year old, This Beetle is not what it seems, look under the arches and you will see unsullied and immaculate Sea Blue Paint as this little Car was treated to a 15 year Body off restoration by a VW Mechanic who wanted the car to look exactly how it does. All the floorpans are arrow straight with no rust and plenty of underbody protection so underneath he is like new.

The top is something to savour, When we got it the intention was to paint it and get the top to look like underneath but this would be missing the point of this car, It has been made to look weathered but it is not rusty. It has been ankor waxed so the rain etc just runs off the paintwork and because it is built with REAL metal 3 times the thickness of modern cars, he will last for years and years.

We think he looks just fine in the rat look with the weathered stars on the bonnet and roof. Incidentally the Kids have named him "HERBERT" a spin off of Herbie.

Herbert...If he was your school mate , he`d be the cool guy in the class, the type who does surfing and skateboarding and isnt bothered by the way he looks or what other people think. He is comfortable in his own skin

The guy who built it said he built Herbert with the intention of it lasting another 25 years even used in the the winter months. We have never used Herbert in bad weather, You know, just like you wouldn`t send your grandfather to the shops in the snow.


Like stepping back into a 1960`s movie Herbert`s interior has all the period charm and style that no modern car can replicate.

With freshly refurbished seats in cream leather the seats are so comfortable and springy and are as new with no wear or marks.

The carpet is something to savour, The guy who built Herbert was a genius as he has used brand new Astro Turf finished in blue for the carpet, This works perfectly and is easy to keep clean and looks fantastic in a "What the hell is this but it looks great" kind of way. 

The Period Blaupunkt radio is all there and the steering wheel is about the thickness of a bic biro pen but nice and weathered. 

The switches all work and are laid out in a way that the VW engineers must have played the lets pin the tail on a donkey whilst blindfolded kind of way when working out where they go.

Overall the interior is immaculate, has that beautiful old car smell, and is brimming with character.


Driving Herbert is like watching one of those old movies where you see them driving the car and moving the steering wheel from side to side but the car does not move an inch. It is like that in real life.

Once on a bit of lock though, you can FEEL the road. If you were to run over an Ants leg then i`m sure you would feel it through the steering wheel there is so much infortmation being passed to you from the un assisted steering.

The ride quality is terrible as you bounce up and down but yet you are supremely comfortable in those wonderful seats. 

The gearbox is fantastic, and stands up to anything made today, the difference is that a modern car will feel like moving a joystick on a playstation as it does it for you, Herbert feels like you have turned the key in a well oiled and mechanical lock. it is satisfying in a way you cannot explain.

Performance is well shall we say the wrong word to use. Herbert will gather speed and get to each and every speed limit but he isn`t an olympic sprinter, The drivers of younger models will overtake him and say get of my way with a serious or miserable face whilst the driver of Herbert just gets to were they need to be , reliably and in comfort each and every time but most importantly with a huge grin on their face. In this car the Journey is the destination!


This has 4 new tyres on standard 15" VW front steel wheels and 15" Deep dish 8" wide rears matching genuine VW dome hub caps

Tyre Tread

Front drivers = 6mm

Front passenger = 6mm

Rear Drivers = 6mm

Rear Passenger = 6mm 



A great big smile everytime you come into contact with this infectious little car


Some photos of the rebuild, He has never been in an accident but Herbert would probably be able to tell you countless tales over the last 52 years but he really would rather you admired him for the fine fettle he is in now.